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2019-2020 Pathway to Online Teaching Excellence Course Reviews

University of Florida Center for Teaching Excellence

The UF Center for Teaching Excellence supports the Pathway to Online Teaching Excellence process by helping to facilitate online course reviews. As part of this effort, UF’s Quality Assurance Committee has adopted the Quality Matters rubric and merged it with the UF standards. The additional UF standards  support quality teaching in addition to quality course design. 

You can start a course self-review in ProposalSpace at anytime. In fact, many instructors and ID have already created or completed a self-review using the UF+QM rubric or the UFSME. You can transfer the information in your exisitng self-review intoProposalSpace and provide additional details.

The proposal you start today can stay open and available to you as long as you like. Just don’t click submit until you are absolutely ready for reviewers to be assigned to your course.

One of the first questions you will be asked in ProposalSpace is about course contributors. Course contributers can be co-teachers, instructional designers and teaching assistants. You can add up to 5 contributers to your self-review. We recommend adding the folks who have significantly helped in the design or teaching of the course. Contributors can add rich, valuable information to the self-review. Beware, it does not work like Google. In ProposalSpace you have to decide when each person can edit the self-review.

Once you have filled in a comment box with  information click the green check mark next to it. This will help make sure the information does not disapear if technology fails or the electricity goes out. Save each answer as you go but do not submit until you are ready.

It is important to give lots of rich details in your self-review. Provide narrative expanations, link to evidence in the course, and examples of practices. You know your course best, you know where the materials and evidence are in your course so do not let the reviewer guess. Provide information that will guide reviewers to the evidence in your course.

Finally, UF standards 9-11 address teaching behaviors. The evidence for these teaching behaviors and practices may be different than the evidence for other standards. You may find that samples of student work, or feedback you have given students better represents your teaching. You can also provide a narrative or short video or audio captures. There is simply a huge variety of ways you can demonstrate meeting these standards. If you are unsure or have any questions about the kinds of evidence you can provide do not hesitate to contact me, Alexandra Bitton-Bailey in the Office of Teaching Excellence.


Alexandra Bitton-Bailey

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