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Graphic of a women dismissing conventional abstract management tools and embracing ProposalSpace

Managing speaker abstracts just got a lot easier!

ProposalSpace makes managing speaker abstracts easier for everyone:

  • Organizers
  • Authors
  • Reviewers

Saves Time & Effort

Our self-service system puts you in total control so you never have to wait. Plus, it only takes minutes to sign up and start collecting abstracts—without a sales pitch or demo. Want a demo anyway? Let us know and we'll be happy to set one up!

Budget Friendly

Simple, up-front pricing: $125 to activate a call and $7.50 for each submission approved for review. Free for authors and reviewers. No recurring or hidden charges. Set up and test things out without obligation. Our pricing page has all the details.

Unlimited Support

Every account comes with unlimited technical support. If you want, we'll even review your call's settings to check for potential issues. Have questions or need help? Contact us by phone or email any time.

"Our last go-round with ProposalSpace was so awesome that we've decided to use the system again for our upcoming convention." Jean-Marie N., Conference Organizer

"We are in our third year, and it has dramatically simplified what is typically an arduous process. We are incredibly pleased with the product and your responsive user support!" Laura M., Conference Organizer

Trusted by hundreds of organizations.

Large organizations and small, across a wide range of disciplines, count on ProposalSpace.

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"You are seriously THE BEST! Your customer service is top notch, and I would recommend ProposalSpace to anyone and everyone!" Cara T., Conference Organizer

"I just want to say that the rating system for the proposals was very manageable and easy to use! Thank you all for making the committee's job functionally very easy. I just finished my set of proposals and I had no idea at the start that it would be this straightforward." Conference Planning Committee Member

How We Compare

You've got a lot of choices when it comes to collecting and managing proposals online. Most, however, fall into one of three categories:

Ad-hoc solutions cobbled together with readily available tools like email, online surveys, and spreadsheets
Online surveys, which can be incorporated into your own site or hosted by any number of free or low-cost services
Traditional abstract management systems customized specifically for your call
Ad HocOnline SurveyTraditional AMSProposalSpace markPSProposalSpace
Low Costyesyesnoyes
Easy to Set Upyesyesnoyes
Easy to Make Changesyesyesnoyes
Easy to Manage Submissionsnoyesyesyes
Authors Can Collaboratenonoyesyes
Authors Can Manage Multiple Callsnononoyes
Automated Messagesnonoyesyes
Bulk Messagesnonoyesyes
Centralized Review & Scoringnonoyesyes

"Next week we have our conference, thanks to your product and support I am sure it will be a great success!" Theo E., Conference Organizer

"I'm at our conference and everyone loves the online materials feature. Most presenters seem to have a very easy time uploading their materials. Thanks! Overall your program has worked very well... I plan on using it again next year! It was definitely worth the investment because it has saved me a lot of time and people really liked having the information available online." Helen S., Conference Organizer

Ideal for any peer-reviewed process.

ProposalSpace was built with conference speakers in mind, but can be used for so much more:

  • Call for papers

  • Call for abstracts

  • Call for speakers

  • Award nominations

  • Scholarship Applications

  • Journal submissions

"We have used ProposalSpace a number of times for workshop submissions and awards nominations and absolutely love it."
Jamie H., Conference Organizer

"I love how easy it is to make edits and to make them live. ProposalSpace is such a great tool."
Kristin W., Conference Organizer

ProposalSpace by the Numbers

(as of March 2020)

  • 600+
    calls activated

  • 62,000+

  • 44,000+
    proposals submitted

  • 143,000+
    reviews completed

Set up your call for proposals or start submitting proposals today. It's really that easy.

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