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Abstract Management for Call Organizers

Powerful tools for effortlessly managing abstracts from start to finish.

Features for Call Organizers

Are you responsible for organizing a call for abstracts, call for papers, call for speakers, or any other flavor of "call for"? Here are some key features that set ProposalSpace apart:

Setting up a Call

ProposalSpace is the only online abstract management service that allows any user to start a call on their own and with no obligation.

  • Create calls on demand
    Creating a call couldn't be easier: just click the "Start a New Call" button and enter a title. No need to "consult" with an account manager or wait for a technician to set things up.

  • Copy calls with ease
    It's just as easy to make a copy of an existing call. Data is excluded and you control which settings are included, so copy what you want and leave behind the rest.

  • No obligation
    There is no charge to set up a call. You only pay if you choose to activate the call to start collecting submissions.

  • Powerful configuration options
    Customize your call to meet your exact requirements. Build your submission form, set deadlines, control limits, and more!

  • Make changes any time
    Settings are all at your fingertips, allowing you to make changes any time—even after a call is active.

  • Unlimited administrators
    Share responsibility for managing your call by adding as many administrators as you like.


The best way to avoid problems with a call is to test it thoroughly, which is why ProposalSpace makes it so easy to do.

  • On demand
    Place your call in Test Mode with a single click. The system then generates a testing link, which you can then send out to your testers.

  • No obligation
    There is no charge to test a call. You only pay if you choose to activate the call to start collecting submissions.

  • Take as long as you need
    Test Mode is active for three days by default but can be extended for as long as you need.

  • Test everything
    Testers have access to the call as if it were live, with one exception: testers may not add users to a proposal who do not already have an account.

  • Automatic cleanup
    There's no need to delete your test data; It's all deleted automatically when you activate the call.

Collecting Submissions

Sit back and let ProposalSpace handle the complexities of collecting, storing, and securing every submission.

  • Direct link
    Send authors directly to your call with a unique URL.

  • Monitor activity
    Track every proposal from the moment it's created. Admins can also receive daily or weekly activity summaries by email.

  • Make changes
    Edit any proposal directly or return it to its authors for editing and resubmission.

  • Hard or soft deadline
    Prohibit authors from submitting proposals past the deadline or allow them to submit proposals they created before the deadline for a period you specify.

  • Invitation-only submissions
    Add an invitation code (password) to your call so that only users who have the code may start a proposal for it.

  • Activity log
    Activity for every proposal is automatically recorded, allowing authors and admins to easily identify changes and who made them.

  • Organize with labels
    Create an unlimited number of labels (tags) that can be used to organize your call's proposals.

  • Easily locate proposals
    Find any proposal using its unique ID, one or more keywords or labels, or the name of any person associated with it.

  • Send & track messages
    Send emails, like deadline reminders, to all or some users. You can even monitor delivery issues and whether recipients opened the email.

  • Submission receipt
    The system automatically emails a receipt when a proposal is submitted. Use the standard receipt or add your own text for an additional fee.

Reviewing Submissions

Some of ProposalSpace's most glowing reviews come from, well, reviewers.

  • Unlimited review groups
    Create as many review groups as you like. Each group can have an unlimited number of review chairs and reviewers.

  • Unlimited reviewers
    There's no limit on the total number of reviewers or on the number of submissions that can be assigned to each reviewer.

  • Flexible assignments
    Assign submissions to reviewers or reviewers to submissions—whichever is easiest for you.

  • Blind reviews
    Automatically hide from reviewers information about the users associated with each proposal.

  • Monitor activity
    Track the progress of every reviewer in real time. Admins can also receive daily or weekly activity summaries by email.

  • Editable reviews
    Reviewers are able to return to any review to make a change.

  • Custom review form
    Use the standard review form (containing a conflict question, a 0–10 Likert scale, and a comments field) or customize the form for an additional fee.

  • Share comments
    If you choose, the system can display comments from reviewers to each submission's authors. The names of the reviewers are kept hidden.

Selecting or Rejecting Submissions

Make selections and send out acceptance and rejection emails with ease.

  • Sort by score
    Easily sort submissions by their review scores to make quick work of the selection process.

  • Click to select
    Select or reject submissions with the click of a mouse.

  • Make changes
    Change your mind about a submission? No problem. Select and reject submissions until you're satisfied with the results.

  • Send & track notifications
    Once you've made all your selections, use the Messaging Module to send customized acceptance and rejection emails. You can even monitor delivery issues and whether recipients opened the email.

Scheduling Sessions

Use the standard Scheduling Module or upgrade to the Advanced Scheduling Module for more features.

  • Standard Module
    The standard Scheduling Module, which is included with every call, lets you manually assign a date/time and location for every selected submission.

  • Advanced Module
    Upgrade to the Advanced Scheduling Module to take advantage of a drag-and-drop interface, automatic conflict checking, panels, and more.


With the optional Publishing Module you can publish session information on your own website, with updates from the ProposalSpace servers in real time.

  • Simple to add
    Just add a few lines of code (provided by ProposalSpace) to your site. No more downloading, processing, and uploading content from one server to another.

  • Multiple methods
    Choose how you want to display your session data: on your own site using an iFrame or JavaScript, or on the ProposalSpace site.

  • Flexible display options
    Define which details from submissions get published, in both the summary and detailed listings.

  • Session materials
    Authors can upload their session materials (handouts, etc.) without the need to return each submission for editing.

  • Add to calendar
    The add-to-calendar option lets anyone download a session into a calendar of their choosing.


  • Unlimited support
    Get all the help you need setting up and managing your call. If you have a question or want a second set of eyes to look things over, just pick up the phone or send an email.

  • Identify bias
    The optional Demographics Module can give you insight into whether implicit biases might exist in your submission and selection processes.

  • Targeted promotions
    Use the Messaging Module to promote your upcoming call by sending notices about it to users who participated in previous calls.

  • Easy data export
    Export data, like proposal details and reviews, on demand using the powerful and flexible Data-export Tool.

  • Indefinite archiving
    ProposalSpace stores everything indefinitely, making it convenient for authors and admins to access past work.

  • AMC friendly
    With one account any user can manage multiple calls, even for different organizations, making ProposalSpace a perfect solution for association-management companies.

Also check out ProposalSpace's Features for Authors and Features for Reviewers.

Unsolicited Praise

"Next week we have our conference, thanks to your product and support I am sure it will be a great success!" Theo E., Conference Organizer
"We have used ProposalSpace a number of times for workshop submissions and awards nominations and absolutely love it."
Jamie H., Conference Organizer

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