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Abstract Management For Any Budget

ProposalSpace saves you both time and money.

$250.00 to activate a call, then $8.50 for every submission approved for review.

With ProposalSpace, you never have to worry about setup fees, account maintenance fees, hidden charges, or tiered pricing that requires you to "upgrade" your account just to get access to basic features. Every account includes our core modules, which give you all the tools you need to manage a successful call. Optional modules with extra features are also available.

Cost Estimator

To calculate the cost for a call, enter the expected number of submissions and select the optional modules (if any) to include.

Call Activation Fee$250.00

Core Modules (included with activation)

Custom Review Form ($75.00)

Every call comes with a standard review form that includes a conflict question, a 0–10 Likert scale, and a comments field. The form can be customized, however, to meet virtually any requirements, like conditional questions, multiple scoring criteria, weighted scores, and subscores.

Advanced Scheduling Module ($75.00)

Our Advanced Scheduling Module allows you to build your meeting's session schedule in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. It even checks for conflicts! Here's how it works:

Publishing Module ($75.00)

Our Publishing Module allows you to display session information from ProposalSpace on your own website without having to download and transfer data files. Here's how it works:

Any time you update a session in ProposalSpace (for example, to correct a typo or to add a speaker), that information is automatically updated on your site. (We also publish the information here on ProposalSpace if you want to link to it here instead.)

Users associated with a session can attach documents that can then be downloaded by anyone viewing the session schedule.

Custom Receipt Module ($75.00)

The ProposalSpace system automatically emails a receipt when a proposal is submitted. The email is sent to the person who submitted the proposal and, if different, the person who created it. Our Custom Receipt Module allows you to add your own text to the body of the email and to customize the Subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing
Does it cost anything for authors to use ProposalSpace?

No. Authors may use ProposalSpace completely free of charge.

How much does it cost to manage a call using ProposalSpace?

Use our Cost Estimator (above) to get a good idea of the total cost for managing a call.

What qualifies as a call?

Each call can have only one submission form and one review form, so if you collect different information and/or have different review criteria for submissions, they would need to be set up as separate calls. For example, if your meeting has panels and posters, and you request different information for the two (or have different review criteria), then they would need to be set up as two calls. However, if you can collect the information for both types on one form, and if they both have the same review criteria, then they can be set up as one call.

Why do you charge for "submissions approved for review" and not all submissions?

It's rare, but sometimes users will submit duplicate proposals or proposals that might not meet your minimum standards for consideration. We don't think you should have to pay for those, so only submissions you approve for review are subject to the $8.50 submission fee.

If I return a submission for edits, do I have to pay the submission fee again when the author resubmits it?

No. The submission fee is charged only once per proposal. A proposal may be returned for edits and resubmitted as many times as needed without having to pay the submission fee for it more than once.

When do I pay?

It's free to create, configure, and test a call. When you're ready to start accepting submissions, you'll need to pay the one-time activation fee. Then, in order to approve submissions for review, you'll need to pay the submission fee for each one. (You can pay for multiple approvals at once.)

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. If you need to pay some other way, contact us and we'll see if we can work something out.

Do I need to enter my credit-card information every time I pay?

No. We encrypt and store the credit card information used for paying the initial activation fee so it can be reused for any subsequent charges. You can update the card information at any time.

Are the charges for optional modules one time per call or one time period?

One time per call. We use the term "one time" in the sense that there are no recurring charges for the modules.

Do you offer discounts?

No. We believe our pricing already makes us the best value available for online abstract management.

Are there any storage fees?

No. We store all data associated with a call indefinitely. Even after a call is archived, everyone associated with it, including admins and authors, will continue to have access to it.

Are there any other costs?

The activation fee is good for one year, so calls that need to accept submissions for more than a year will need to pay the activation fee annually to keep the call open.

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