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AAACE 2024 Annual Conference

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE)

Conference Theme: Creating new trajectories for adult education

The word trajectory has several meanings. In general terms, a trajectory is the path of an object through space, or through the path of life a person chooses. In geometry a trajectory is a curve or surface that cuts through all other curves or surfaces of a given system at a constant angle. Just as the word has several meanings, the theme of “Creating new trajectories for adult education” could have multiple for conference attendees. The most obvious application is that education changes the path of an adult student. Education changes the lives of our adult students in many ways – and from many different angles – thus impacting both the individual and their family system.

As an organization, AAACE is also changing. We are creating new trajectories for the organization through the application of our strategic plan, creation of the Professional Development Institute (PDI), and implementation of the Crabtree funding grants. We are choosing new pathways of delivering value to our members through the development of more robust methods of delivering professional development such as webinars, podcasts, and the virtual conference. This theme has a positive message focused on the future for both the students we serve and the organization as a whole.

Commission for International Adult Education (CIAE) Pre-Conference (Monday/Tuesday, October 28-29)
Commission for Distance Learning and Technology (CDLT) Pre-Conference (Tuesday, October 29)
Commission for Professors of Adult Education (CPAE) Workshop (Thursday, October 31)
AAACE Conference (Tuesday, October 8 Virtual Day and Tuesday - Friday, October 29 - November 1 Reno)

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