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UF Pathways 2022-2023 Fast Track Course Reviews

University of Florida Center for Teaching Excellence

This call is for University of Florida instructors who are submitting the self-review portion for a Fast Track Course Review.
Submissions for the full UF+Quality Matters course review process should be submitted to the 2022 Pathways to Online Teaching Excellence Call.

Online Courses are eligible for Fast Track reviews if:

  • No more than 20% of the course content from the original course design has been altered
  • The course has been taught online at least once prior to submitting the self-review
  • The instructor submitting the Fast Track review provides the following information about the “Parent” course’s review
    • Proposal Number (in ProposalSpace)
    • Course Code and Title
    • Instructor Name
    • Designation
    • Term Designation was earned

If you have questions about whether a course is eligible for a Fast Track review, please contact Nikki Lyons in the UF Center for Teaching Excellence.

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