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Abstract Management for Reviewers

Reviewing abstracts has never been easier.

Features for Reviewers

Reviewers are the heart of any abstract-management process, which is why ProposalSpace makes the review process so effortless.

  • Free to use
    Reviewers never pay to use ProposalSpace.

  • Simple setup
    Anyone with a ProposalSpace account can be assigned submissions to review. If you don't have an account, an admin can easily invite you.

  • Immediate access
    Review assignments are added to your Dashboard as soon as they're made.

  • Tailored views
    You only see submissions you've been assigned to review. No more shuffling through a list of proposals to find your assignments.

  • Compare scores
    ProposalSpace displays all of your assignments and scores in one place, making it easy to compare all of your work at a glance.

  • Revisit reviews
    If you change your mind about a review you can always return to it and make a change.

  • Efficient layout
    View both the submission's contents and the review form simultaneously with a convenient side-by-side page design.

  • Automatically advance
    As soon as you save a review the system automatically advances you to the next assignment.

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Unsolicited Praise

"I just want to say that the rating system for the proposals was very manageable and easy to use! Thank you all for making the committee's job functionally very easy. I just finished my set of proposals and I had no idea at the start that it would be this straightforward." Conference Planning Committee Member

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