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Abstract Management for Authors

Create, submit, and keep track of abstracts for any call.

Features for Authors

ProposalSpace makes is easier than ever for authors to manage abstracts.

  • Free to use
    Authors never pay to use ProposalSpace. All accounts are free to set up and maintain.

  • Trustworthy
    ProposalSpace never sells information about you. Likewise, information in your proposals is only shared with the organization(s) collecting those proposals. For details, see our Privacy Policy.

  • Centralized resource
    Respond to multiple calls, even from multiple organizations, and track everything in one place.

  • Indefinite archiving
    All of your work is archived indefinitely, making it convenient to pull up submissions from any time in the past.

  • Real-time status
    Check the status of any submission any time, directly from your Dashboard.

  • Repeat submissions
    ProposalSpace's copy feature makes it easy to submit the same (or similar) content from one call to the next.

  • Collaborate with others
    Any user you add to a proposal has access to it, making it easy for authors to collaborate.

  • Multiple roles
    With ProposalSpace you can author proposals, administer calls, and review submissions all with a single account.

Also check out ProposalSpace's Features for Call Organizers and Features for Reviewers.

Unsolicited Praise

"I'm at our conference and everyone loves the online materials feature. Most presenters seem to have a very easy time uploading their materials. Thanks! Overall your program has worked very well... I plan on using it again next year! It was definitely worth the investment because it has saved me a lot of time and people really liked having the information available online." Helen S., Conference Organizer

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