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2023 MTA Summer Conference Request for Proposals

Massachusetts Teachers Association

The Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) is seeking proposals for the 2023 MTA Summer Conference. The conference is scheduled to run    August 6-9, 2023, on the campus of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Our conference provides workshops related to union skills and leadership, racial justice in education, instructional practice and other areas of professional interest. It attracts a variety of MTA members from public schools and higher education including teachers, faculty, professional staff, education support professionals and retirees. 

This request for proposals is for all Summer Conference Workshops—both professional practice and union skills and leadership.  We are particularly interested in proposals in the following areas:

Professional Development [PD]

  • Classroom Practice and Student Engagement
    • Includes classroom management and instructional strategies for all levels and content areas (PreK-12 and higher education).
  • Meeting the Needs of All Learners
    • Includes Multilingual Learning (SEI/ELL), Social-Emotional Learning, Special Education, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Trauma Informed Practices, creating inclusive schools and classrooms for LGBTQIA+ students, and addressing the challenges that students in poverty face.
  • Making Connections
    • Includes Family and Community Engagement, Networking, Communication strategies with all stakeholders, and understanding and implementing best practices concerning social media and messaging.
  • Social Justice, Diversity and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
    • Includes topics related to equity, diversity, creating inclusive spaces, attacks on the teaching of historical truth, combating racism, class oppression, the oppression of people with disabilities, sexism, heterosexism, and other forms of injustice and their intersection.
  • Practical Skills, Tools, and Techniques
    • Includes the use of varied instructional technologies, the integration of portfolio and performance-based assessments, Stress Relief & Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Workflow management.

Union Skills and Leadership [USL]

  • Organizing
    • Includes topics related to member to member/internal organizing, issue organizing, new member organizing, campaign planning, organizing around contracts and grievances.
  • Bargaining and Advocacy
    • Includes topics related to negotiation skills, engaging members in negotiations, Bargaining for the Common Good, contract enforcement and advocacy.
  • Leadership Skills and Development
    • Includes topics related to models of leadership, leadership styles, culturally-fluent leadership, organizational development, conflict management and resolution, communications, planning, union administration.
  • Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Cultural Relevancy
    • Includes topics related to equity, diversity, creating inclusive spaces, attacks on the teaching of historical truth, combating racism, class oppression, the oppression of people with disabilities, sexism, heterosexism,  and other forms of injustice and their intersection.
  • Topical sessions
    • Includes sessions on subjects of interest and relevance to MTA members such as school and public higher education funding, social justice, environmental health and safety, political advocacy, economic justice.

The deadline for this Request for Proposals is Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 11:59PM. Conference offerings will be promoted in the spring issue of MTA Today and will be posted on the MTA’s website at Presenters will be notified by April 7, 2023 whether their proposal will be included in the conference schedule.

 Workshop Schedule

We are seeking proposals of the following lengths:

  • 90 minutes - These spaces will be very limited and may take place in the evenings.
  • 3 hours - To take place in the morning and afternoon.
  • 12+ hours - Programs that happen over 2-3 days, especially PDP-eligible programs. Please note: We may be in contact to schedule these workshops at a different time/location during the Summer.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the strength of their descriptions (250 words or less) including the following information:

  • Goals/objectives that will ensure members leave the workshops with practical skills, tools, and techniques they can apply to their union or professional work.
  • Interactive teaching strategies that are aligned to the content of the workshop.
  • A clear explanation of who the workshop is designed for (grade levels, skill levels, union role, etc.).

Tips for a stronger proposal:

  • The title: If you need to choose between cleverness and clarity, always choose clarity. People will read descriptions for workshops that sound relevant to their needs. They won’t have time to read every single description in the catalogue.
  • It’s about the participants, not you. Don’t use the pronouns “I” or “me.” Instead use “we” or “you.” Refer to the people in your workshop as “participants”.
  • Be clear with the expectations people should have going into the workshop.
  • Write your proposal as a narrative, not simply a list of bullet points.
  • Please use spellcheck.
  • If copying and pasting your proposal into the form, please be sure that it includes everything. You are limited to 250 words.
  • For this conference, we find that more successful workshops tend to have a broader audience appeal. Think of topics that can be attended by different kinds of audience members.
  • Space is extremely limited for 90-minute workshops. Increase your chances of acceptance by planning a 3-hour workshop.

MTA Summer Conference Presenter Fees, Housing and Meals

  • Based on a rate of $125 per instructional hour. 
  • No payment for planning and preparation time.
  • Up to two paid presenters per workshop. Exceptions may be made for multiday presentations.
  • On campus housing is a twin bed in four-bedroom suites with two shared baths (air conditioned) 
  • Presenters will be given a prepaid meal card for on-campus dining. There is no reimbursement for restaurant meals.
  • Presenters will receive mileage at the prevailing rate, airfare and ground transportation with prior approval and arranged by MTA (housing, meals and travel costs for companions are the responsibility of the presenter)

Examples of Presenter Compensation:

Length of Workshop: 1.5 Hours

  • Honorarium: $187.50
  • Campus Housing: 1 night
  • Campus Dining: 3 meals

Length of Workshop: 3 Hours

  • Honorarium: $375
  • Campus Housing: 1 night
  • Campus Dining: 3 meals

Length of Workshop: 12 hours (2 full days)

  • Honorarium: $1500
  • Campus Housing: 3 nights
  • Campus Dining: 9 meals

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