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2019 Pathfinder Fellowship Application

Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI)

Applications (including Commitment Letters) are due by Friday, October 11, 2019 by 11:59 PM.

The Pathfinder Fellowship application consists of:

  1. A CV of the Applicant
  2. A research statement (recommended 3 – 5 pages) describing the proposed research
  3. A one page proposed budget, including justification
  4. Letter of Endorsement/Commitment from the Applicant’s Advisor
  5. Letter of Collaboration/Commitment from the Proposed Host

The RESEARCH STATEMENT is the most heavily weighted of the application materials. A successful application will clearly describe the proposed research, and explicitly state the benefits of second site activities to the Applicant’s overall research program and goals of his or her degree. This statement should be on the order of three to five pages. Please address:

  • Your current research and major research questions
  • How the proposed second site is different from your home institution or research site
  • How these differences will enhance your research. Be specific in the benefits and/or opportunities the second site will provide
  • How the experience will be integrated into your overall research plan
  • A description and timeline of activities at the second site
  • A brief Data Management Plan, which describes how the applicant plans to obtain, store, and disseminate data products resulting from the Pathfinder Fellowship. 

Detailed application review criteria are provided at the end of this document

The BUDGET should be no more than one page and indicate the total estimated cost of the travel. A one paragraph description of the budget items should be included. If the cost exceeds $5,000, or if there are items necessary that cannot be supported by Pathfinder (e.g., equipment), the description should indicate how these costs will be covered.

A LETTER OF ENDORSEMENT/COMMITMENT from the Applicant’s Advisor indicating that he or she supports the proposed research plan should be uploaded into the online application.

A LETTER OF COLLABORATION/COMMITMENT from the proposed Host/Mentor indicating that he or she agrees to host the Applicant and can support the proposed research should be uploaded into the online application.

The Research Statement, Budget, and Applicant's CV should assembled into a single PDF document and uploaded into the online application. The two letters should be uploaded as separate PDF documents as indicated on the submission page. 

Application Review Criteria

Review Criteria provided to the Pathfinder Selection Committee

1. The degree to which the proposed activities at the second site are required to address the research question being posed. Could this research be carried out “closer to home” or without the travel?

2. Are the proposed activities at the second site sufficient to address the research question? 

3. Does the student have the necessary background knowledge/training/experience to take full advantage of this activity?

4. Is the level of effort appropriate for the proposed timeline? 

5. Will additional resources be required to fully integrate this experience?  If so, is there evidence that the student and mentors are aware of and have planned for this? 

6. Does the relationship with the mentor at the second site appear to be sufficiently robust to provide the opportunity for a meaningful and successful interaction? 

7. Will the Data Management Plan be effective in preserving and disseminating resulting data products?

The Pathfinder Fellowship Award is contingent upon CUAHSI’s receipt of funds from the granting agency.  

Call Closed

This call is no longer accepting submissions. For a list of calls that are currently open in ProposalSpace, check out our active calls page.