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Online Abstract Management with ProposalSpace

Email Merge Fields

Merge fields allow you to customize each message with information specific to the recipient and/or proposal. Just use the variables listed below wherever you want the actual data to appear in your message.

For example, if you use Dear {{recipient.full_name}}, the recipient will see Dear Jane Smith, (assuming the recipient's name is Jane Smith).

IMPORTANT: Merge fields only work with messages for proposals (not reviewers). Also, the variables must be exactly as they appear below. In other words, they must have double curly brackets on both sides and be all lowercase.

VariableMerged Value
{{recipient.first_name}}The recipient's first name (from the recipient's user profile)
{{recipient.last_name}}The recipient's last name (from the recipient's user profile)
{{recipient.full_name}}The recipient's full name, including prefix, suffix and degrees, if any (from the recipient's user profile)
{{recipient.organization}}The recipient's organization (from the recipient's user profile)
{{}}The proposal's ProposalSpace ID
{{proposal.title}}The title of the proposal
{{proposal.sessioninfo}}The date, time and location (if any) assigned to the proposal in the Scheduling Module