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Tue Jul 3 2012, 9:00pm CDT

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According to IFMA, 25% of a building’s lifecycle budget is dedicated to the design and construction of the building. The remaining 75% is spent on operations and maintenance. Building owners have heard many promises regarding the use of BIM in the management of this 75%: Information will flow freely between facility managers and staff, work orders will be linked to the BIM, and virtual walkthroughs will allow designers and contractors to easily coordinate with the facility staff. O&M manuals will be available through the BIM, the BIM will be automatically updated when work orders are processed, and all of this data will be interchangeable between BIM platforms, GIS, and maintenance software.


Is any of it reality? Today, in 2012? 2013? Do the people creating these solutions truly understand what owners want to see or are they operating on assumptions and anecdotal evidence? Are owners in turn prepared to offer a systematic list of their needs and operating procedures?  Do owners need to recreate all of their existing assets in BIM in order to realize the benefits? Can BIM allow an owner to leverage their existing data in a more efficient manner, without translation? Do most Owners even know their real needs?


Has anyone figured it out?

It’s time for the AEC industry to have a meaningful and impactful conversation with owners. 

Call for Presentations: Seeking presenters who can provide consistent and repeatable answers to the many questions stated above and/or

  • Demonstrate processes which allow for smooth transfers of data rather than cobbled together work-arounds.
  • Share successful case studies.
  • Discuss what doesn’t work.
  • Elaborate on building and campus owners’ needs.