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Managing speaker abstracts just got a lot easier.

ProposalSpace puts you in control of your abstract-management process.

All you need is a web browser to:


No more juggling emails, file attachments, and spreadsheets. We provide the technology and store everything on our secure, reliable servers.

  • Design your own custom submission form
  • Manage every detail, including deadlines, limits, and terminology
  • Test everything before going live
  • Send users directly to your call with a custom link
  • Monitor activity in real time
  • Return proposals for editing and resubmission
  • Send reminders and other notices by email and track their delivery
  • Users receive a printable submission receipt and confirmation email
  • Authors can check the status of their submissions any time


Managing reviews—and reviewers—can be a real headache. With ProposalSpace, you don't have to worry about losing track of files or working off outdated copies.

  • Pay only for submissions you approve for review
  • Create an unlimited number of review groups
  • Assign submissions to reviewers, or reviewers to submissions
  • Track the progress of reviewers in real time
  • Edit submissions directly or return them for editing and resubmission
  • Use the default review form or upgrade to a custom form


With ProposalSpace, you no longer have to worry about making selections based on outdated information. Everyone involved in the process has access to the most recent reviews.

  • Sort submissions by average review score
  • View reviewers' scores and comments
  • Edit submissions directly or return them for editing and resubmission
  • Return submissions to reviewers for additional scrutiny
  • Select or reject individual submissions with the click of a mouse
  • Send selection/rejection emails and track delivery


Use our default scheduler to enter:

  • Start date & time
  • End date & time
  • Location

Or upgrade to the Advanced Scheduling Module to:

  • Design a custom scheduling grid, with dates/times and locations
  • Drag and drop selected submissions onto the schedule grid
  • Have the system automatically check for scheduling conflicts, which can be accepted or ignored


Export your data for use in any format or activate the Publishing Module to publish session information directly from ProposalSpace to your own website.

  • Control what information is displayed with each session
  • Authors can upload handouts and other materials
  • Users can search for sessions by keyword
  • Users can sort sessions by title, date/time, or location
  • Store your information on our servers for as long as you want

When you're ready for the next conference, one click copies all your settings (but none of the data) so you don't have to start from scratch.

Our last go-round with ProposalSpace was so awesome that we've decided to use the system again for our upcoming convention.
Jean-Marie N., Conference Organizer
I just want to say that the rating system for the proposals was very manageable and easy to use! Thank you all for making the committee's job functionally very easy. I just finished my set of proposals and I had no idea at the start that it would be this straightforward.
Conference Planning Committee Member