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How to Lead in Higher Education's VUCA Environment
Wed 16 Oct, 2019 10:00–10:50
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Leadership skillsets are evolving due to volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) contexts in which we operate in the Higher Education environment today. These changes require leaders to alter their mindset and apply new methods and skills rather than using outdated concepts. The increasing complexity of the Higher Education environment including rapid rates of change, globalization and cultural heterogeneity of the workforce, increasing access of information, improvement and expansion of technology, as well as application of technology into the work processes and procedures of higher education will continue to demand leaders who possess expert, broad and deep cognitive capabilities. These include not only analytic skills such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, optimizing and planning, but also significant non-linear systems-based skills such as pattern recognition, novel idea generation, creativity, and multiple-agent coordination. Join this session and find out what skills are necessary to lead in today's Higher Education VUCA environment.
Shelley E. Osagie, Ed.D, Thomas Jefferson University's School of Continuing & Professional Studies