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IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference and Developers' Day 14 -17th September, 2020

All events will be held online. It is worth noting that all times in the program are quoted in British Summer Time (BST ; = UTC+1).

You can register here. As we are running multiple streams, we have had to break down the registration process to a day-by-day and session-by-session registration process. - A Technical Deep Dive
Monday, September 14, 2020 at 11:45 AM–12:15 PM, Zoom - 1
Conference or Developers' Day
Developers' Day (30 min session)
Session Abstract
Inferring what to read from the courses a user studies, the resources they engage with but also the resources their peers engage with and recommend is a difficult challenge to solve.

At Lancaster University we are always looking at ways to deliver new and innovative services that our students want and is no different. The service we are piloting and looking to deliver, has been shaped by the ideas of students asking us if this is possible and the discussions we've had with them.

A key part of the problem is how do we store this data in a way that we can easily query it but allow us the flexibility to represent the different relationships between each piece of data. In this session we'll explore how we created a graph database that takes in data from a variety of sources including Alma and Leganto, and allows us to query it to make new suggestions of what to read.
Conference theme: Breaking out of your shelf
Applicable Ex Libris Product
Target Audience Skill Level
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Stephen Robinson, Lancaster University, England UK
Presenter's job title:
Digital Developer: Projects & Operations
Mehmet Celik, KU Leuven