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IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference and Developers' Day 14 -17th September, 2020

All events will be held online. It is worth noting that all times in the program are quoted in British Summer Time (BST ; = UTC+1).

You can register here. As we are running multiple streams, we have had to break down the registration process to a day-by-day and session-by-session registration process.


Opening the Swiss knife : Homemade tools you can reuse in Alma
Thu 17 Sep, 2020, 15:20–15:45, Zoom - 2
Conference or Developers' Day
Conference (20 minutes + 5 min Q/A)
Session Abstract
In order to manage efficiently about 120 libraries in Alma, the Swiss Library Network Renouvaud has developed homemade applications for patron management and fulfilment. These applications enable actions in bulk such as waiving fines and fees, patron contact information update, deletion of specific patron accounts, due date update, and fulfilment unit updates for many localisations.

These tools have proven extremely valuable. We used them massively during the semi-lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Switzerland.

They are ready to use by any institution with access to Alma APIs. All you have to do is enter your own API key in a text file. Moreover, we are willing to share them as well as the source code with the Alma community.

In this talk, after a short introduction to our network, we will describe these different tools and how you can adapt them for your own Alma instance.
Applicable Ex Libris Product
Target Audience Skill Level
Sylvain Courret, Swiss Library Network Renouvaud
Presenter's job title:
Alma administrator
Sefiane Touhami, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire - Lausanne
Co-presenter's job title:
Analyste développeur
Leon Krauthausen, Freie Universität Berlin