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IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference and Developers' Day 14 -17th September, 2020

All events will be held online. It is worth noting that all times in the program are quoted in British Summer Time (BST ; = UTC+1).

You can register here. As we are running multiple streams, we have had to break down the registration process to a day-by-day and session-by-session registration process.


Primo VE and UNIMARC
Wed 16 Sep, 2020, 11:00–11:25, Zoom - 2
Conference or Developers' Day
Conference (20 minutes + 5 min Q/A)
Session Abstract
Since June 2018 some ITALE institutions have been working on the implementation of Primo VE. The work focused mainly on UNIMARC and how Primo VE meets the needs of the standard.
Objective of the proposal:
illustrate the starting points, the improvements made by Ex-libris, the issues still open.
- peculiarities of the UNIMARC standard
- critical points of OTB mapping: punctuation, order of subfields, fields not mapped
- the management of the 4xx and the peculiarities of the Italian reality
- the ITALE Primo VE and UNIMARC document

First VE Summit Report, ELUNA / IGeLU First Product Working Group, March 22, 2019 []
Primo Total Care, Primo Direct and Primo VE - comparison on the functionality of the backoffice / Pastorini, Anna Maria, 2019. In ITALE seminar "The future is in the network: experiences and sharing strategies", Verona (Italy), 9 May 2019 []
Discovery / User Experience
Applicable Ex Libris Product
Primo VE
Target Audience Skill Level
Anna Maria Pastorini, Università degli studi di Genova
Presenter's job title:
System Librarian
Giuseppe Marino, Università degli studi dell’Insubria
Co-presenter's job title:
Library System Manager
Chani Yehuda, Ex Libris
Co-presenter's job title:
Product Manager
Laura Salmi, Ex Libris
Co-presenter's job title:
Key Account Manager
Mr Knut Anton Bøckman, Royal Danish Library and Primo PWG