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IGeLU 2020 Digital Conference and Developers' Day 14 -17th September, 2020

All events will be held online. It is worth noting that all times in the program are quoted in British Summer Time (BST ; = UTC+1).

You can register here. As we are running multiple streams, we have had to break down the registration process to a day-by-day and session-by-session registration process.


The Analysis of the eLABa Virtual Libraries’ Users Data
Thu 17 Sep, 2020, 11:00–11:25, Zoom - 2
Conference or Developers' Day
Conference (20 minutes + 5 min Q/A)
Session Abstract
The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the possibilities and benefits of the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa) institutional virtual libraries’ (IVL) users’ data analysis. The results of this analysis could be later used in improving services provided by IVL. The behavior analysis of IVL users includes only the big data about the actions of users during IVL sessions automatically collected in IVL Apache logs. The analysis consists of the following parts: exploratory data analysis, segmentation, search and result filter analysis, and development of recommendation systems. Data mining methods and R programming language were used in the analysis of IVL users’ data. The results of user segmentation revealed the differences in behavior of various IVL users. This allowed to specify IVL areas for improvement and to better understand the needs of IVL users. For instance, to better organize the search result filters in IVL user interface.
Discovery / User Experience
Applicable Ex Libris Product
Target Audience Skill Level
None — General Audience
Gytis Vievesis, Kaunas University of Technology
Presenter's job title:
Library Systems Senior Specialist
Antanas Streimikis, Kaunas University of Technology
Co-presenter's job title:
Head of Library Information Systems Office
Vytautas Janilionis, Kaunas University of Technology
Co-presenter's job title:
Associate Professor
Dave Allen, IGeLU