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The Future of Outsourced Online Education: Negotiating Revenue Sharing and Program Management Agreements with OPMs and between Institutions of Higher Education
Tue 15 Oct, 2019 10:00–10:50
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How have agreements and terms with OPMs changed for institutions working with OPMs? How do colleges within a University and System forge agreements for joint participation in the larger online enterprise? What do institutions of higher education need to consider when developing programming agreements where one entity (an OPM or institution) provides online program management services for the other? As Universities continue building their own in-house capabilities in online program delivery, new questions around revenue sharing, shared services, incentives, and governance have all arisen. This session explores the issues involved in the changing nature of these agreements and offers several recommendations on ways to align revenues, incentives, and governance for partners that seek to work together to offer online programming.
Benjamin Kennedy, Kennedy & Company