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Modeling higher education – private sector partnerships. Extending the reach of Institutional values and mission.
Wed 16 Oct, 2019 10:00–10:50
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Higher education is being challenged with increasing costs of delivering quality education, national competition invading local markets, increased fixed costs associated with campuses, and escalating expenses connected to security needs of open campuses and academic freedom. These costs are draining funding institutions rely on to sustain academic support centers and events promoting social and cultural cohesion of the higher education community who remain committed to their values and mission. Increasingly, institutions are implementing technology to streamline services, and adopting new policies to tighten decision-making. While these actions support the financial viability of institutions, there is a potential loss of cultural and academic functions which underpin values and mission. This session provides a new model for higher education to consider with respect to faculty development and support, most specifically for those adjunct and contract faculty who are key in serving students and integrating institution mission and values into the curriculum.
Blenda L Crawford, PhD, MBA, Regis University and NACIF