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Working Smarter: Developing a Leadership Team that Promotes Innovation and Collaboration for Online Operations
Tue 15 Oct, 2019 10:00–10:50
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The term working smarter produces thoughts of “balance” to one’s life, work, time, and resources. Adult, post-traditional students and online faculty seek balance with fulltime job and family responsibilities and continuing education. What if working smarter at your institution starts with creating a team focused on promoting innovation and collaboration for online operations? This presentation examines current literature and professional experiences to help participants to create a leadership team intent on innovation and collaboration to positively impact online teaching and operations. Throughout the presentation, participants will engage by setting goals and outcomes designed to specifically meet purpose within their organization.
Dr. Sherry Chance, Ed.D., LeTourneau University
Dr Melanie Roudkovski, Ph. D., LeTourneau University