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Parting the Red Sea: How Your Institution’s Authentic Personality Can Cut Through the Social Media Memescape
Mon 14 Oct, 2019 11:00–11:50
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Everyone wants to “win” the internet—and the shortcuts to victory are fun and entertainment. If you “get it,” if you “internet” well, you’ll see instant results, raking in the clicks, likes, comments, and shares. Even the news media has gone all-in, delivering clickbait headlines and Buzzfeed-style stories in place of substance. But are these victories truly moving the needle? What happens when we step away from the herd of memes and emojis? Is there a better path to building institutional reputation—and creating meaningful human connections—online?

This hands-on session will teach you how to stay true to your institution’s authentic personality on social media, differentiate yourself from your competition, and powerfully connect with the audiences that really matter.
Eric Page, Carnegie Dartlet