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Disruptive Innovation Through Partnership: Building a World-class Student Success Coach Program at BYU- Pathway Worldwide
Mon 14 Oct, 2019 13:15–14:05
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As comprehensive student success programs become more integrated into the fabric of student support, institutional leaders are turning to student coaching as a best practice for enhancing student outcomes. However, building a sustainable program that leverages the latest advances in behavioral science, data analytics and technology is no simple task.

Leaders from BYU-Pathway Worldwide will walk through how they disrupted standard practices and collaborated with an outside partner to build an innovative coaching program with the foundation to sustain it long-term.

This session will be structured as a guided interview with Steven K. Thomas, Director of Mentoring at BYU Pathway-Worldwide, discussing BYU-Pathway’s experience of building a scalable mentoring program. Q&A will be facilitated throughout the session. Session attendees will gain insights on everything from executive decision-making to staff development, partnering with external providers, and delivering a success coaching model that is scalable to a worldwide student population.
Carrie Lockhert, InsideTrack
Steve K Thomas, BYU- Pathway Worldwide