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Alma and Aleph: Two Systems One Network
Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 4:15 PM–5:15 PM, Zenit
Conference or Developers Day

In March 2018 the new Network Zone together with 13 Institution Zones linked went live with Alma as the nucleus of the new network architecture of the Austrian Library Network. Still more than 50 institutions in the Austrian consortuim use Aleph as library system and will switch to Alma in the next years. One of the main goals in the project was a fully functional parallel operation between Aleph and Alma.  The presentations will start explaining how the two systems are snychronized on bibliographic level and how inventory from member institutions in Aleph is displayed in Alma. It will continue with an overview about additonal services that have to adapted to the two systems (e.g. workflow for reminders).  An overview about publishing data from Aleph and Alma members to Primo via the Network Zone will close the session.

Main Topic
Bettina Kann, The Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd.
Presenter's job title:
Head Consortial Coordination
Stefan Majewski, The Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd.
Co-presenter's job title:
Head of Planning and Development
Moderator: Augusto Ribeiro, University of Porto, Portugal
Co-presenter's job title:
Information Systems Manager