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COMPOST2021 Call for Sessions

US Composting Council

CALL FOR FULL SESSIONS (If you are looking for the CALL FOR SPEAKERS, click HERE)

The USCC's Annual Conference and Tradeshow is the premiere professional meeting for composting, organics recycling, and related topics. 

Submission Due Date:  Ongoing, by invitation only.  If you would like to discuss you proposal, contact Cary Oshins at  

Abstracts are encouraged on topics in each of these areas.  Bullets are for example only

California Track

  • SB 1383 implementation
  • 901 reporting
  • Healthy Soils Initiative
  • Compost Hubs
  • UC Research

Climate Implications

  • Carbon farming and sequestration
  • GHG reduction
  • Research into direct and indirect impacts

Disaster Management

  • Surviving the Pandemic
  • Managing Hurricane Debris
  • Depression-proofing your operation
  • Fire debris/fire-scarred lands

Compostable Products

  • Acceptance and accommodation
  • New research
  • Advances in labeling and identification
  • Field testing

Contamination Reduction and Measurement

  • Upstream diversion policies and practices
  • Contamination removal systems and methods
  • Meeting state limits
  • Benefits and costs of compostables

Composting Process

  • Innovative composting systems
  • Combining composting and anaerobic digestion
  • Digestate as feedstock
  • New research

Operators' Track

  • Screening wet material
  • Safety training
  • Tools of the trade
  • Equipment optimization and maintenance
  • Software and app innovation

The Business of Composting

  • Funding mechanisms
  • Business models
  • Employee recruitment and management

Marketing and Using Compost

  • Pricing and valuing compost-based products
  • Green infrastructure applications
  • Research on compost benefits: water savings, carbon sequestration, growth trials, etc
  • Impacts and remediation of persistent herbicides
  • Increasing sales of compost-based products

Environmental Protection and Regulation

  • Overcoming permitting challenges
  • Odor problems and solutions
  • Stormwater management at compost facilities
  • Successful VOC reduction strategies

Community Composting

  • Success stories
  • Program evaluation
  • Integration into municipal programs

Policy Innovation and Implementation

  • Impacts of new landfill bans and diversion mandates
  • New policies that promote compost manufacturing and use

Why speak at COMPOST2021? The Conference routinely attracts over 1000 attendees working directly in the fields of compost manufacturing and organics recycling. This guarantees speakers outstanding professional exposure as well as great networking opportunities. Lead speaker for each talk receives the discounted speaker rate of 50% off.

Proposed psessions should include information directly relevant to compost manufacturing and related professions. Both case studies and research reports are welcome.  Case studies may not simply espouse the benefits of a single product or service but must make a more general point (ie, no “infomercials”).

Proposals for sessions should be clear and concise and be no more than 500 words. A review committee will rate all abstracts.  Ratings are based on content, clarity, format and USCC membership.

Accepted abstracts will be available to view on-line prior to and at the conference.

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