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2020 Conference Non-Research Poster

American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)

AHNA's 40th Annual Conference, June 2 - June 7, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Holistic Nurses Weaving Traditions to Create Solutions and Find Balance

Proposals relevant to holistic nursing are requested in the broad categories of practice, research, education, praxis, personal & professional development, aesthetics, nurse coaching, and advanced practice. Submissions are anticipated to reflect the conference purpose & theme.


The purpose of this conference is to enable participants to weave the historical foundations and traditions of holistic nursing into the creation of strategies that will solve and balance current and future healthcare systems.


We live in a time of dynamic, rapidly evolving, and complex challenges that present untold opportunities for a holistic vision of healthcare. Holism is a solid foundation upon which we can create a future of true whole person caring. This conference will explore ways holistic nurses can integrate the rich traditions of healing into their health care practice. Through sharing of traditional practices grounded in the Core Values that reflect the Philosophies, Research, Ethics, Leadership, Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Relationships, Healing Environments, Cultural Humility, as well as Self-Reflection, Self-Development and Self-Care, participants will explore innovative ways to weave the traditions of various healing cultures into their nursing practice with a focus on creating new solutions and integrating life balance.

AHNA Core Values
Core Value 1. Holistic Philosophies, Theories, and Ethics
Core Value 2. Holistic Nurse Self-Reflection, Self-Development and Self-Care
Core Value 3. Holistic Caring Process
Core Value 4. Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Relationship, Healing Environments, and Cultural Care
Core Value 5. Holistic Education and Research

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explore theories and ethics that ground holistic nursing and healing practices and expand clinical nursing practice, professional performance, and role development within the traditions of holistic nursing. CV1

  2. Examine ways to become more aware of oneself and reflect on the values, beliefs, and perceptions embedded in our culture which can influence holistic practice. CV2

  3. Discuss ways to empower the client as a whole person; developing a holistic caring therapeutic relationship. CV3

  4. Reflecting on our historical background, create dialogue that addresses Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Relationship, Healing Environment, and Cultural Humility. CV4

  5. Explore theories and research that ground holistic nursing practice, professional performance, and role development rooted in traditions. CV5

A Non-Research Poster provides a summary, in poster format, of a completed project or activity that is relevant to holistic nursing and will enable the learner to acquire or improve knowledge or skills beyond basic knowledge and enhance professional development or performance as a nurse.

Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference with two, one-hour presenter Q/A sessions required.  

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