W2: Pre-Conference Session: Designing Pathways to Collaborative Impact
Mon Mar 12 2012, 9:00am–12:00pm, Vashon (San Juan Level)
Session Designer

Marianne Hughes, Interaction Institute for Social Change

Session Description

In a world as complex as ours, where problems are not well defined and the solutions are not clear, a different approach to problem solving is required. Grantmakers are more often stepping into their roles as convenors of collaborative problem solving initiatives. IISC has developed Pathway to Change™ — a collaborative problem-solving framework that helps grantmakers and others conduct stakeholder analyses to determine who needs to be engaged in the process, host conversations to create needed alignment and design roadmaps that will move their efforts forward. During this session participants will apply the Pathway to Change framework to a current work issue and learn the methods and tools needed to design and facilitate collaborative change.

Conference Theme

Collaborative Problem Solving

Marianne Hughes, Interaction Institute for Social Change
Executive Director
Speaker Biography:
Marianne Hughes is the founding executive director of the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), a nonprofit organization that works for social justice and sustainability. IISC ignites the power of collaboration by building leadership capacity, fostering connectivity, and facilitating concerted action. As the ED, Hughes builds strategic alliances and fosters connections among social change agents and organizations, and leads the development of new products and initiatives as well as organizational thinking and learning about innovative ways to create high impact social change. She also provides consulting, facilitation, network building, leadership development and training services to movement builders, nonprofits organizations, public sector agencies and cross-sectoral collaborations to help them think strategically and take vision to action.