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2014 Conference Non-Research Poster

American Holistic Nurses Association

Submission Deadline
Mon Dec 2 2013, 1:59am EST

This call is no longer accepting submissions.

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Conference 2014 Request for Proposals

AHNA's 34th Annual Conference, June 4-7, 2014 in Portland, Oregon

Through the Looking Glass: A Vision of Holistic Leadership

Proposals relevant to holistic nursing are requested in the broad categories of practice, research, education, praxis, personal & professional development and aesthetics. Submissions are anticipated to reflect the conference purpose & theme

Purpose: The purpose of this conference is to enable holistic nurses to develop advocacy and leadership skills which can be used in the transforming of healthcare systems to a caring/healing perspective.

Theme: Gazing into the “looking glass,” to the future of healthcare, holistic nurses are poised to lead the way in transforming the healthcare system to one built on the Core Values of Holistic Nursing. This caring/healing perspective represents a paradigm shift away from a healthcare system that is grounded in a disease model to a healthcare model of whole person caring that is informed by the best available evidence. Holistic nurses must possess advocacy and leadership skills crucial in addressing all aspects of healthcare reform while ensuring that caring is not lost in the process. This conference will explore ways that holistic nurses can enhance their advocacy and leadership skills, becoming transformational leaders and key members of the inter-professional healthcare reform team. Through mentoring, effective holistic communication, and interpersonal relationships, holistic nurses will actualize possibilities and consciously work to change the culture of healthcare.

A Non-Research Poster provides a summary, in poster format, of a completed project or activity tha is relevant to holistic nursing and will enable the learner to acquire or improve knowledge or skills beyond basic knowledge and enhance professional development or performance as a nurse.

Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference with two, one-hour presenter Q/A sessions required.